Involved in One Crore Debt Because of Anjali

The south Indian Actress Anjali was in news for all bad reasons. She was in news for several controversies and finally went missing . The actress now had planned for her come back and has already signed some projects in Tamil and Telugu films. But Director MU Kalanjiyam came forward with claims against her.

The Actress went missing while shooting for film ‘Ooru Sutri Puranam’ Directed by Kalanjiyam. This incident happened last year. The director says that her missing incident has occurred him huge financial losses and his debts are close to One Crore.
His film got delayed because of Anjali’s absence and still could not finish the same. He was not able to compensate on the financial crisis occurred by this.

“ Anjali has shot only 12 days for my film. After that she got disappeared. It is because of her I Inured in debt as i also produces the film. My debts run close to one crore . If she had shot for 20 more days, I would have completed my project. I have already filed a complaint with several associations, film chambers, trade bodies but no action has been taken yet. Says the director

But Now, he heard the news that she will working on a Tamil film and a Kannada film. The Director says that She cannot act in any other films until she completes his film ‘Oor sutra Puranam’ and If she does so, He will be compelled to deal the issue legally and restrain any of her films from ever releasing.

But Anjali seems unfazed by all the threats, She says that she has not got involved in any controversies and she has already finished the shoot of Telugu film and now she will be starting her new project in Kannada with Puneeth Rajkumar . Anjali only declares that that she is completely free from any problems and no one can stop her movie shoots as she has not done any crimes.