Indians Studios Turns Co-Producer For A Hollywood Project

Hollywood has always been the dream destination for film industries across the world. And any collaboration big or small has made news. Here’s the big news! Haricane Studios, a prominent VFX & Animation company in India, has bagged a co-production deal with a leading production studio in Hollywood. The project in question is the animated adaptation of the famous novel “Bremen Town Musicians (BTM) from the Brother Grimm’s tales and the cost of production is estimated to be 45MN$. “We have been looking to associate with a project that can appeal to a global audience. Films like Ice Age, Tangled, Happy Feet, have appealed to people of all age groups and has an interesting story to convey. This will be one such tale, which can connect with people all across. Richardson, the director of this film has brought about so many facets of emotions and we were excited right from the time we heard him narrate the script”, says Prabhakaran Hari Haran, the managing director of Haricane Studios. Hari’s great grandfather M.R.Radha, was one of the defining faces of Indian Cinema. Building from this legacy, Hari always wanted to take it global, and this film is the first step towards it. Dhivya Venugopal, the Business Head adds, “ Our meetings in Hollywood have provided us with the required insights necessary to come up with international standards. We are mentored by some of the influential names from the top studios, in relation to this project. And what I feel as the magic element of this project is the music, which we have an amazing scope to work on. We plan to rope in an Indian music director, to give that soulful touch to the background score.” Dhivya who has earlier worked as a show director with a leading Tamil GEC channel and a consultant for a leading production house in India has earlier collaborated with Hari on “Woolfell”, another international animation feature, as an Executive Producer. This fantasy film is in its pre-production stage and would have a prominent Indian & a Hollywood star playing the lead. Since this is the first of its kind venture between Indo-American studios, the core team of youngsters from Haricane plan to launch both these projects on a grand scale to the Indian audience, by presenting a first look in the next few months. The pre-production work for the said projects has already commenced and will take off in full swing after the official launch. All of our films and the Hollywood standards is the desire to take the picture. But in the recent past has been to take our films halivuttileye. Late actor. MR Radha's kollupperanum, the late actor Hariharan using peranumana Prabhakaran Haricane Studios on behalf of his own company, along with a Hollywood film production company. I inherited from the film industry in the film produced internationally vantatalo something, I wanted to be a legend too. Motivated by the desire with me so far Hariharan Prabhakaran. "Bremen Town Musicians" with the creation of this animated film based on the novel of the budget of 45 million Dollars. Recently held a meeting in this regard with the Hollywood company Haricane studios Divya Venugopal said the company's CEO, I am so impressed with exciting career for the sake of meeting with Hollywood companies natattiyate very proud of our young people's the thing. They gave us encouragement, enthusiasm and gave impetus to the world-class produce a film. In this film based on the music of the film is the importance of the global famous Indian icayamaippalaritamo, or the equivalent in another icaiyamaippalaritamo pecavullom.