Indian Princess 2015 World Grand Finale

Mumbai, 14th May 2015: Indian Princess 2015 began its journey this year with participation contestants from countries across the globe. This mega event has not only created waves in the Fashion and Beauty industry in the country but also made a global impact. We are extremely glad to inform you that Indian Princess and Indian Princess International is now a unified Global Beauty Pageant wherein the National and International contestants will be globally competing amongst each other on this Grandeur Mega platform. The contest is conceptualised by Educationist, Entrepreneur and Social Activist, Shri Sunil Rane and is backed by the Atharva Group in association with its Hospitality Division-Blue Ocean Resort & Spa as well as the Entertainment Division- Ashwagandha Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, Study by Janak is wardrobe partner and Air Shagoon is travel partner of the event. The announcement was made in the presence of Shri Sunil Rane Chairman Indian Princess, Mrs. Varsha Rane, Mrs Ramon llamba, CEO Indian Princess 2015, Ms.Archana kochhar Fashion Designer Mumbai, Mrs. Aarti Mehra and Mr Manoj Mehra –Styudy by Janak Fashion Designer Delhi, Mrs. Shikha Birla, Chairman Air Shagoon Group Ms. Chandni Sharma Winner Indian princess 2014 and Ms Nadeen Makhanlal Winner Indian princess International 2014.