ImbueDesk Filmmaking workshop on 22nd and 23rd

ImbueDesk-a students organization, has organized a Filmmaking workshop on 22nd and 23rd in association with Ramanaidu Film School at Prasads Preview theatre, Banjarahills. This workshop unlike the conventional focused more on the professional learning and approach towards Filmmaking. Filmmaking categories, Story narration, Scriptwriting, budgeting, planning and Film marketing were some of the topic taught and were practiced during the event. Mr. Venkatesh Chakravarthy, Dean of Ramanaidu Film School and Mrs. Preetham, Asst. prof. Dramaturgy at Ramanaidu Film School were the Faculty for both the days. Nandi award winner Film Director Mr. Mohan Krishna Indrakanti of Ashta chamma, Golconda high school, grahanam, Mr. Sudheer Varma of Swamy ra ra fame were the guest speakers from the Direction Department and Mr. Nagineedu, of Maryada ramanna, gabbar signh etc was the special guest speaker from the acting department. The guest speakers interacted with the Students directly inspiring them, and also added how difficult it is to get established in the industry shares Geethik Veeramachaneni, Co-founder of the startup ‘ImbueDesk’. Mr. Sudheer varma shared his journey towards films and what influences him to take decisions during shoots. Mr. Mohan Indraganti caught the audience and took them into explaining minute beauties of Technical side of cinema. Mr. Nagineedu inspired and got the entire theatre enthralled. His answers to audience and his quirky humor made the entire audience admire him than ever before. This workshop helped all film aspirers to become much better from their existing knowledge and gave a pathway to those who had no clue where to start off. This is the first ever workshop in the city where a partnership with a professional Film school is made and that apart, Experienced and well established people from the industry from various departments of Film have been clustered together into an awesome learning experience exclaims, Pradeep Picasso, Co-founder of ImbueDesk. The participants will later go through a assessment program where they show up work in the film field of their choice. This work will be assessed using some parameters and individual feedback will be given, helping them to know their strengths and potential. ImbueDesk is a student democracy whose objective are Learn, Teach and Earn. ImbueDesk is planning to organize more workshops related to different fields of students Interest in the coming months.