Ilayaraja Invites New Directors

The Senior Music Director of Tamil Ilayaraja has invited the new Directors. This has been said recently in the audio launch of Oru Oorla. The entire music of the film Oru Oorla has been composed by maestro himself. He said that he is always there to compose for the new comers with a passion for good cinema. He said that he will always encourage the new comers. And would like to work with them. He also added that he will do the music direction only after studying about the film. He said that he will give his best as each and every scene was meticulously shot. He don’t take more than three days for re –recording a film irrespective of whether it from a big or a small filmmaker. He said that he like to work with the new generation directors because they have fresh ideas and talents. Actually because of entry of new music directors in the Tamil film industry the opportunity is reduced . The directors who once considered an important factor to have Ilayaraja music in their films is now teamed with A R Rahman, and Haris Jayaraj .