Iam not innocent as Narayanan Kutty

When the audience saw the Narayankutty, the innocent criminal of Sapthamashee thaskaraha, might have though how innocent this thief Narayanan kutty is !. That role has brought him appraisal from all quarters. Recently in an interview Neeraj Madhav who played Narayanankutty said that in real life he is not as innocent as Naryanan kutty. But that character has provided break for him in his career. For his success he thanked every one who has worked with him and thanked all the co stars and its director Anil Radhakrishana menon. Not only that he also thanked his co actors Prithivraj, Asif ali and Nedumudi Venu. Neeraj says that he was nervous while joining the set of the film as the other stars of the film are his seniors. But the behavior of Nedumudi Venu has quite surprised him. Nedumudi venu is the first person who came and spoke to me in the set. This friend ship helped us to create magic on the screen. Even the behavior pattern of the director Anil Radhakrishna Menon was same. He has clear visions about his characters. He has given all the actors independence and space so that they can perform well.

Now he is looking forward to do different type of roles. Neera Madhav’s next release is Homely meals where he plays a serious role.