I M Vijayan to teach Football to Prithivraj.

In between his busy schedules, Prithvraj will take some training in the Foot ball also. Don’t think that he will be coming to the play ground for some games. He does not have any intentions to join any Foot ball team. Or any local clubs . He will be learning Foot ball for his upcoming new film . The actor likes likes to do everything perfect and hence he plans to undergo training with stalwarts like I M Vijayan. His new film has the backdrop of the game foot ball and hence Prithivraj is asked to learn the body language, some foot ball tricks and leg movement . The debutant director Jamesh Kottaikal is doing his entry to films with this Prithivraj Starrer new film. The film is titled as The Beautiful Game. Jamesh will set the foot ball and Malappuram as backdrop in his debut film. The film will tell about the states love for the game of football. The beautiful game will be scripted by Ajay Kumar.