“I Know Surya” – Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor who was in a dilemma for having said that she did not know South Indian Superstar Surya changed her statement. She told that she meant while saying this that she had not seen Surya face to face. Kareena came up with this statement as a remedy for the protest from the side of Surya’s fans.
Kareena said, ” I know Surya well. I know that he is a superstar in the Tamil industry. I honour him. And also the movie Singam in whoch i am acting is his super hit. He is such a talented actor. I am happy to work with him.”
Reports were there that Kareena will be performing an item dance in the latest movie of Surya by Linguswami – ‘Anjaan’. When questions were asked on this movie and dance by the media people, Kareena responded asking who Surya and Linguswami were and this led to the scandal.