I am Tony : Asif Ali Fans Criticize Sivasena

A recent online discussion and war of words over the film Hi I am Tony and got carried into the streets take a new twist. The matter seems to be blown out of proportion.

Asif Ali fans has also reacted against the Siva sena in the Facebook for conducting a rally against the actor Asif Ali. They criticized the Siva Sena for communalizing the incident.

The girls who has posted negative comments on Facebook, were allegedly beaten up by the fan following of the film star Asif Ali.

The controversial incident occurred a few days back, where a girl wrote a comment on Asif Ali with regard to his latest film Hi I am Tony. Asif Ali’s Fans tracked down the girl, and attacked the girls . Siva Sena’s reaction came following this incident, they got irked by the attacks on girls by the Asif Ali Fan Club members and they have strongly opposed the screening of Hi I am Tony.