“I Am The Real Aam Aadmi In Cinema, From The Beginning”: Suresh Gopi

Dubai: Super Star Suresh Gopi came to the press conference to talk about a cultural programme. But, like his movie, he has made the scene a very hot and interesting with his strong dialogues against the present political situation. He said there is no fact that he will enter the politics or would compete elections for Aam Aadmi party. That is not the issue, but, the real issue is the failures of Indian politics.

“Far before, my characters made noise for the common people. Anna Hazare, Kejariwal and Aam Aadmi party are just one year old. Whatever they now speak, I had spoken all these years before. Hence, am I not an aam aadmi since years? The coming elections are very important. I hope that a better thief should come up in the elections”, he said.

“Our leaders and ministers forget that it is not the politics which is important, but the nation. That is why we are still suffering even after 67 years of independence. There was only one prime minister who has understood the people. I do not forget that she had some falls like the emergency declaration. But, she tried her best to control the bureaucrats and could control the corruption up to an extent. She is the only political icon I do respect. I hate rest all. It is due to
their foolishness that the soldiers still fire across the borders” he continued.

“All the budgets are cheating the people. The government is not taxing people, but, they squeeze them. They take the road tax for 15 years in advance and never repair the roads. A democracy should have strong opposition. Even that does not happen here. Politics should have a revolution and that is what happened in Delhi. But, all are trying to crush that advance. Politics should be broken and rebuilt”.

“There is no transparency in anything. It is not the speech, but action is what is needed. Kanimozhi who has gone to the jail facing corruption cases returns to Rajya Sabha, what we have seen. I am ready to discuss with the young leader all these things” Suresh Gopi roared.