I am not the Public Property – Sarita S Nair

Thriruvananthapuram: Saritha S Nair told the media that she is not the public property. She denied this in front of the journalists in Trivandrum. She gave a tough time to the journalists by asking another question to them. She denied the accusation that the details of the letter written by her in prison are not revealed for having selfish reasons. Media had blamed her that she is not revealing the letter details because she want to blackmail on this. She also added that if she is using the blackmailing technique, she would have not been spent eight months in the jail. She told that if she reveal the letter now, it will be used by some political party for their political interest. She said that she does not want anyone to take advantage of her letter for their political benefit and hence she is not revealing the details now. She told that she does not want to get beaten by her own stick and does not have any interest to make her letter a public documentary.