Honey Bee

HONEY BEE1 ‘Honey Bee’ is directed by the son of Producer cum Director cum Actor Lal. This is his maiden attempt in direction. This is the story of friendship between a group individuals. The story is centered around 5 individuals in a band group. All of them were without any specific job and they somehow wanted to find a livelihood. That’s how they started a musical cum dance troupe. Most of them had some talent in music and dance. They named it as ‘Honey Bee’. Sebastian, Angel, Fernandez Disilva, Mohammed and Ambrose were the team members. Later, Ambrose’s sister Sara also joined the troupe. She was the manager of the troupe. Sebastian and Angel were too close to each other. Angel got a marriage proposal. All the troupe members liked it. And this proposal becomes a turning point in the movie. The story moves ahead with the follow up of the proposal. Though the story is an ordinary one, the way he has presented it makes the difference. Asif Ali, Bhavana and Archana Kavi performed well. Other actors also fared well. Santhosh Varma’s music was excellent. The Director with his hereditary talents has done justice to his part.