Heropanti The recent release starring Tiger Shroff in the lead is a remake of a 2008 Allu Arjun film called Parugu. It also been remade in Bengali. It has been produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Directed by Sabbir Khan.

The Hindi remake remains faithful to its Telugu original in every frame and perhaps that’s it Achilles’ heel. A change in the treatment and narrative would have made it a better film

The film is a full on masala , a perfect lauch for Tiger Shroff Jacky Shroff’s son who has the potential to become the next Action hero among the younger generation.

It tells the story of two conflicting protagonists and their battles with society and their love story. The story’s every element made into a cocktail – like the regressive feudalism of the Haryana Jats complete with elements of the Khap tradition, absurd chases, comedy mixed with villainy and many other illogical licenses.

“Heropanti” tells the story of a father (Prakash Raj), his two daughters (Sandeepa Dhar and the younger one, Dimpy, being played by Kriti Sanon) and Bablu (Tiger Shroff), who seems to have no family but a good amount of close friends,

Kriti Sanon’s elder sister runs away on the day of her marriage. Now, their father Prakash Raj is a Haryanvi don of sorts, so the whole of Jatland is after the blood of the daughter and her lover. During the search They come to know Bablu a friend who has helped the couple to get eloped.

The goons pick up Tiger and his two friends. The father hopes to get some leads of his daughter’s whereabouts from Tiger who is a close friend of her lover. So he and his friends are locked in the shed of his massive estate until they are able to extract more information.

Bablu could have escaped from the captivity. But meanwhile an extremely resourceful Bablu falls in love with a girl whom he sees in the wood.But she happens to be Chaudhary’s younger daughter, Dimpy (Kriti Sanon) and he doesn’t know this. This complicates things more further. Bablu has been helping the couple all along and now his task is to take the pursuers on a wild goose chase and run away with the younger sister himself.

The above storyline may look like an ideal case scenario for cat and mouse situations but that isn’t the case. What follows is mostly Prakash Raj going all mushy. Now, nothing wrong in that.
He is a fabulous actor and carries the emotional anchor of the film on his sturdy shoulders. The problem is that the film is called Heropanti and not Father Of The Bride.

It’s good to see Tiger and Prakash bonding and the younger actor getting to learn what emoting is about in the process but we would have loved to see him kick some butt instead.Because he’s a trained gymnast, Parkour artiste and martial arts expert and excels in situations that allow him to combine his various talents. Less talk, more stylized action should have been the rule to follow.

And somebody apparently told Kriti that the way to good acting is through a good cry. So she lets go with gay abandon every five minutes while grinning like Miss World the rest of the time.
The pretty actress needs to tone down both and just be herself.

The three protagonists of the film are the life and soul of the story. Tiger is confident, fluid with his easy, endearing smiles, calm and composed even in worst crisis, and a good dancer who loves to boot.
His action sequences are admirable but the acting slightly lacks. Kirti Sanon is confident too. She is set to go far in the industry and profession. Prakash Raj is Superb as the father confused between tradition and love for his girls.

Tiger can punch and dance like the best of them and isn’t a bad actor either. His debut would have been more impressive if they had played up his strengths in a better way. He makes a sincere effort to win his audience over and let’s hope he gets better films focusing on his core strengths in future.