Here we Have only Few Man : Says Salim Kumar

Salim Kumar nowadays is very open with his remarks. When asked whether this openness is after receiving the national award , he replied that his remarks are given importance only after the national award. He says that Even before receiving the award he used to express his remarks openly. But no body used to consider that. Now the matter is whether salim kumar has told this. He said that in films we have very few man. Here in the industry every one are disguised as man. Every one lives in the magic world and only thinks about their pleasure and new car etc. they have a feeling that they are the emperors and they themselves makes a throne. He also says that he does not believe in the luxuriness and the fakeness . Tomorrow no one is going to study about salim kumar and his name is not going to come in any books. Every film persons thinks that every one has died except him . In the film industry, it is the actors who celebrates the defeat of another actor and when a producers film gets flopped in the box office the other producers celebrate it. this can be seen only in the film industry. He says that most of the persons are under disguise and have only few man.