Have Not Seen Adoor sitting With the Viewers – Ranjith

The controversy which got sparked from the statement made by Adoor related to the Thiruvanthapuram international film festival has not faded out completely. Still the sound of the waves are heard and is haunting the director. Now Director Ranjith has come against this strongly. He said that he has never seen Adoor sitting with the viewers in the festival. The director said that he used to attend the film festival every time. But did not see Adoor sharing the platform with other viewers. At the same time he has seen him attending the party conducted by the film festival. The director was talking about Adoor’s controversial remark on International Film festival audience during an interview session during the Goa Film Festival.

He also added that the most of the audience of the Indian International Film Festival is common people and they thoroughly enjoy all kinds of movies. In fact he saw the audience who attended was well disciplined and well mannered. So Adoor’s comment was unnecessary.

At the same time his latest film ‘Njan’ was screened in front of the full audience. He told that Njan will not be screened in the International film Festival of Kerala. He made this decision because he was miffed that the it has not been selected for the competition section of IFFK.

Recently Adoor said that the international film Festival is only for the audience who is Familiar with the English Language and World Cinema. So the people who does not English need not attend the film festival. When the non deserved people attend the festival, so many deserved people who really want to enjoy the world cinema will be sitting outside without entry. In order to enjoy the films , there should also need a suitable atmosphere.