Hallo Namesthe of Jayan K Nair will be soon in theatres

Madhav and Jerin are the two best friends and they both are working as jockey in Hello FM Radio . Both of them are married and live together along with their family . they host a show together called Hallo Namaste in a new Radio FM station. The show get popular and happens to save the FM Station from getting bankrupt. The FM station has been run by Jayamohanan. Madhav’s wife Neeraja bakes good cake and sells it. Jerin’s Wife Anna is working in a private company as HR. both the familes has good understanding and then they take a good decision

Both shift their house separately into two villas. Till now both familes who lived together, now decided to shift their home separetly and liitle they knew that decision would be a twist in their lives.
The life with their wives in the villa will bring changes in their friendship and that certain life situations brings problems between them.

In this film Hallo Namesthe directed by Jayan K Nair, Vinay Fort and Sanjay sivaram would be playing the central characters in the film. Vinay fort will play the character Madhav and Sanju Sivaram would play the character Jerin. Actress Bhavana would play the role Niraja and Anna would be played by Miya George. Aju Vargheese, Mukesh, P Balachandran, Joju geroge, Saubin, Muthumani, K.P.S.C Lalitha, Sethulakshimi would be playing the other important role in the film.