Gulabi Dalapathi Office Opening Stills

The 60-year-old long-time dream of the people in his life, despite the fact that, with access to a well-known politicians who fought the last few rupondabotunna journey the movie 'pink Thalapathi' Chitra director MS Ramesh pouch .. The work was completed by the famous actor natincabotunna pink Thalapathi movie scripts. In the Office for the Arts .. pujakaryakramalu jarupukunnamu come to our office tagubotu Ramesh, Video flakes Sagar, the famous song writer Jayaraj, Panchami Film Director Anand, director, producer, and friends, thanks to Rafi. Has supported from the first film. P. I would be so grateful to our .. & Other natinatulanu technicians choose to start shooting tvaralone embankment Chitra producer. Vijay said.