Cocktail landslide victory in Malayalam and Tamil in the film “Guest” is the name of the remake.

Spell of the film company that produced this film I NC Films paunt different forms of love and family centiment story.

Nanda plays the hero.

Nikesram plays the other hero.

Ananya heroine.

Other actors, actresses natiperru has chosen.

Cinematography – Jay

Music – Bharadwaj

Songs – Na. Comments, Pop. Vijay

Art – Karthik Rajkumar

Dancing – Dinesh, palakumar, Revathi

Editing – Praveen – K. L.. Srikanth

Product Management – Siva

Product – Spell paunt nikesram Films

Screenplay, dialogue and direction .. he’s played Bharata “beautiful tamil son,” the film’s director.

He currently writes for film acting prowess.

Natiperratu at the opening ceremony of the film recently.

Filming will take place beginning in Chennai on 18th of this month.