Green Signal

Story: Sandy (Manas), Naidu (Revanth), Google (Gopal) Prem (Ashutosh) are four compulsive bachelors fall in love only to have their hearts broken. They make a joint pact to stay single for life to deal with the ensuing heartache. Can they stick to their guns?

Movie Review: Ever wondered why is it that every other ‘rom-com’ in Telugu cinema inevitably based on male heart ache? Consider this. Exactly four months after actor Dhanush sang his way to national prominence with that ‘soup song’ – soup being a Tamil slang for the pain that men go through after being dumped by their girl friends – we had a film called Ee Rojullo that ushered in a new era of small budget Telugu films that thrive on cheap sex comedy.
Well, this movie we’re afraid is another collection of juvenile boy gags gone wrong. Sample a few of the choicest ones from the movie. Dotnetlu, dotcomlu enni unna walla deggar unna miracle software ni chuse meeku java karipovalsinde ra…(it roughly translates as irrespective of the innumerable kinky websites, men cannot resist the lure of the miracle software) remarks a watchman after seeing a couple walk out very late after work.
We have this bizarre situation in which a gay man is trying to explain his orientation to his perspective bride. He goes about explaining how his favourite ice cream flavor is ice fruit and his preferred fruit is the banana. But the girl doesn’t get it. In a last ditch attempt he explains that given a choice he’d get married to all the three Khans at once! Well, there are plenty more of these jokes laid out in this relationship comedy. In another scene we have a man tying a rakhi to another man!
It’s almost as if the movie is just an excuse for the filmmaker to stitch together as many of such pj’s as possible. So if you have a taste for such humor make sure you carry along a gang of hooters who can get off on Santa Banta kind of jokes. Well there is a song in which we have three women dancing around in Bikinis. That’s perhaps the most evolved piece of cinema you’ll find in the two-and-a-half-hour run time. Everything else about the movie, we’re afraid is inconsequential. To call it a sleaze fest will be putting it kindly.