Good time for Women in Bollywood – Says Madhuri Dixit

Nowadays Women are rising in the ranks in the bollywood. She said that women power are rising in the film industry never before in Hindi films. She pointed out that nowadays besides acting women are essaying diverse roles from scripting to direction. She also noted the changing trend of directors perceiving women in unconventional roles. Madhuri was speaking this this to the media while promoting her upcoming new film Gulaab Gang.

She told that nowadays she see lot of women in to script writing , lot of women directing films . Earlier in the film industry women has seen only as hair dresser or actor. but nowadays the situation has changed and we see a lot of them handling almost in all department. This is a good sign of development

Nowadays we also see so many directors coming with women centric films. There is an emergence of new sensibilities directors like Soumik Sen who writes film for women who have that respect and different way of looking at women and it is really fortunate to have such directors to write script for women. So far no has thought about both roles good and evil being played by women. It is really wonderful and so relevant in today’s time. The film Gulaab gang points out the importance of women’s empowerment. It talks about educating women and it has been written by a man. Madhuri said that she is optimistic about the change will bring on the way a man looks at a women. In The film Juhi Chawla Plays the Negative character