God’s Own Dramas

God’s Own Dramas

In Malayalam we have seen so many films which set against the backdrop of theater and most of them are the comedy films . But the Film Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus is not a hardcore comedy. It has a jovial flavor, but the film shows a man who has nothing to do with the drama turns a theatrical actor because of the life situations . The film shows how an art form can transform an individual. The posters which shows the new look of Mammootty , trailers and songs gives high expectation and hope for the viewers. But when they reach theater before the end of the first half itself people get disappointed.

The film deals with the story which is happening in the Vannapura Village of Thodupuzha. It tells the story of a group of stage performers of a drama troupe who lives in the world of theater. More like a theater family as all are stage performers The troupe has hit a rough patch and the members are struggling to raise money for their new play. They plan to do a light and sound show based on the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. But they cannot find an actor who has the physique and facial features of Christ. It’ is then they stumble upon Cleetus with his long flowing hair and soft eyes and invite him for play the role of Jesus Christ. His serene look and quiet demeanor convince the priest and members of the troupe that he is the perfect person for the role. But they does not know the fact that he is a small time goon. Even though Cleetus has no clue about theatre, he joins the troupe as the lead actor.

But the life has stored something else for him. What happens to Cleetus and the people surrounding him form the rest of the story. It deals with the incidents happened after cleetus joins the troupe. What all the problems arise in the camp. The life of Lakshmi (Honey Rrose). Why cleetus arrived there? The problems created by DYSP Simon . This film also gives a message of transformation from evil to good. The person who had travelled along the path of violence transforms into a good person when he don the character of Jesus Christ.

Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus is a much hyped movie of the year 2013. The film had already made it to the headlines for its cast and crew. The new makeover of Mammootty in the film is the main highlight. The initial half of the film gives some rejoicing moments for the Mammootty fans. But during it will be lost during the second half . Only relief for the fans is that Mammooty has executed his part pretty good with so much of ease.

Suraj Venjaramoodu has plays the character of Puthumana Kunjnachan. Anju Vargheese also plays an important role. They all executes their part very well. Siddique plays portrays his role beautifully as Vadakum thala Father . The role of Hone Rose could not leave much impact.
The film is scripted by Benny P Nayarambalam, who reached the films from the theaters The other star cast includes .Renjith menon , Tezni khan, kailash, anoop chandran . The second half of the film got dragged somewhere. The film has been produced by Faizal Latheef. Lyrics by Rafiq Ahamad and the music is composed by lyrics by Bijibal and Shyam shashidharan. But this also could not help the film to lead to success. All over the film is a good one . But this film will not help the audience to forget the past failures of the super star.