Germanwings Alps Air Crash – Mobile Phone footage of final moments recovered

Mobile Phone footage of the final moments of the German wings flight 4U 9525 has been recovered from the crash site amid the wreckage in the French Alps.
European News Papers, The German daily Bild and French magazine Paris Match reported that they had obtained a video in a mobile phone found among the wreckage of the crashed flight. They claim that the mobile phone footage has been filmed by a passenger on the fated German wings flight and it has recorded the sound of the passengers screaming and the sound of a metal object striking the cockpit door.
Paris Match and Bild has reported that the scene was so chaotic and was really hard to identify people, but the sounds of the screaming passengers made very clear that they are aware of what was about to happen to them. The scene was so chaotic and completely shaky. You can hear the cries of ‘My God’ in Several Languages.
The news paper also added that a heavy banging sound of the Pilot trying to open the cockpit door with a heavy metallic object was also heard in the footage and before the screaming gets intensified and louder and the video ends. It is believed to be the captain attempting to smash down the door of the cockpit where co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately steered the plane into the side of the mountain.
A lead investigator into the Germanwings crash has called for anyone with footage of the disaster to hand it over to the authorities.
French prosecutor Brice Robin said he was not aware of a video, reported by German and French media, showing the last seconds before the crash and the video is not yet an official part of the probe. But he said that anyone with footage, must hand it over immediately to the investigators.
A recording from the cockpit of the aircraft suggest that Lubitz 27, deliberately caused the disaster, killing all 150 on board. Their statement comes after the Lufthansa revealed the co-pilot accused of deliberately crashing the Germanwings plane. The officials revealed that at the training school Andreas Lubitz informed his flight school in 2009 that he a serious depressive episode. The Airline says the note was found in the emails that Lubitz sent to the Lufthansa flight school he resumed his training after an interruption. The airline also had provided documents to the prosecutors.
This revelation also brought numerous questions about how much the co pilot Andreas Lubitzs employers knew about his mental health after it emerged he had disclosed a previous bout of severe depression.
Dusseldorf state prosecutors revealed on Monday that Lubitz had been treated for Suicidal tendencies before getting his pilots license. He had received Psychotherapy with a note of suicidal tendencies several years ago before he became a pilot.
Lufthansa Chief Executive Carsten Spohr said in a statement near the crash site on Wednesday that they are learning more and more about the causes of the accident and it will take long time to establish and under stand the events that led to crash.
The head of the Criminal Research Institute at France’s national Gemdarmerine told the news paper that it would take forensic teams between two and four months to complete the DNA Identification process as the airbus crashed into the mountain side in the French Alps has severely hampered the identification of the remains of those on board.
Family members have been asked to provide forensic teams with DNA Samples to help in the identification. Recovery teams from the crash site said that not a single body has been found intact and so far they have received 400 body parts . None of these body parts have been directly linked to the victims. Out of it some 78 different DNA profiles have been isolated.