Geetu’s Liar’s Dice To Oscars

Actor Turned Director Geetu Mohanadas directed film ‘Liar’s Dice’ has been selected as India’s entry for the Oscars. The film which was made by Geetu has received recognition national wide. The film features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Geetanjali Thapa in the lead roles. The film has received the film in Hindi. The film has garnered Geetanjali Thapa National Award for the best actress title . The film also won the best cinematography honor for Rajeev Ravi.
Liars Dice tells the story of young tribal women, and her 3 year daughter embarks on a journey in search of her missing husband. On this journey she meets an army deserter, who accompanies them. It focus on anger against the system and the relation the two share through the journey