Gas Subsidy: Time Limit Up To November 30th

Kottakkal: The time limit to have the bank account linked to Aadhar Card Number for getting gas subsidy through bank,has been extended to November 30th.Chief Minister also had said that, the distribution of subsidy will be made mandatory through only after every body gets the card.With this the anxiety about the gas subsidy has been resolved.
From September 1st onwards LPG cylinders will be available on market price.For those who are not linked the Aadhar Number to bank account till 30th November the present system of the subsidy will continue. After 30th November everybody will be getting the cylinders at market price only while subsidy will be given to the bank account linked to Aadhar number.After the Aadhar number is linked to the bank account,that has to be linked to the gas consumer number too. This can be done either in person or through post to the gas agencies postal address. Consumer number can be registered through the toll free number 180-02333-555. By calling on the following numbers or by SMS to these numbers the registration procedure can be completed.
H.P Gas-99610 23456
Bharath Gas -94462 56789,