Ganesh is Getting Ready for His Second Marriage, Face Threaten from Lover

K B Ganesh Kumar was in news in the recent time for his divorce with his wife Yamini Thankachi. Now the reports says that after the divorce with his first wife, he is getting ready for his second marriage. The bride is an overseas Malayalee who is very rich. The lady is a divorcee and have a child from her previous marriage.

Now a lady has come forward to threaten their family claiming that Ganesh is her lover and she has a child with him. If he is not ready to marry her she claims a compensation of 4 crore rupees before getting married again. If the demanded money has not given then .she is saying that she is ready to do The DNA test of her child to prove

Now his second marriage has been put on hold and he and his family is getting ready to fight a legal battle with the lady who claims to be his lover. This has been discussed with some of the lawyers and this has been top secret and confidential by ganesh kumar and his family members.

Ganesh Kumar Has lost his minster ship because of his family fight with his ex wife Yamini Thankachi. She even came to the cabinet and have beaten Ganesh Kumar. When the issue got controversial, Ganesh has resigned from the ministry. And following that they both has got divorced following a mutual understanding. Ganesh Kumar who was not in good terms with the Party and his Father , later compromised and now demands the minster post back . The second marriage news pops up while this is under discussion