Future Assassin

Future Assassin is a coming of age short comedy that takes place in 1965 in the American Mid West. It tells the story about a young high school student who has been scorned by his first love. He comes up with a zany plot that involves convincing five dazed hippies that his first love is actually an evil time traveler. Their only interest is saving the world. Everything comes to a head when all seven characters get pulled over in a getaway escape car on a long, country road. After spending some time in jail together the characters are able to see each others true colors and finally be completely honest. Hearts will be broken and flames will spark. The young protagonist manages to fool just about everyone except himself in this story of the extreme lengths one will go to for matters of the heart. About Director "Yunus Shahul" Yunus Shahul is a creative filmmaker, who steadily worked his way towards becoming a filmmaker from his childhood. Growing up in India, His fascination with films of every genre was endless, and his hopes of becoming a part of the industry began to blossom. But unfortunately his family did not accept this as a plausible career, and Yunus relented into joining a medical college to ensure his family’s happiness. When Yunus aspirations of becoming a filmmaker reached its peak during college, he garnered enough strength to drop out of college and travel to the USA, New York. As a restaurateur owner Yunus Shahul was able to afford to join and complete One Year cinematography from New York film academy in Universal studios and MFA from New York film academy from New York. He as well attended a screen-writing program from NYU. Yunus Shahul’s film debut “Unrequited Love” was a high quality and low budget short action film. It deals with the tragedy of a bride violently raped and killed on her wedding day. Yunus Shahul’s unique and unconventional portrayal of this subject, was admired by many and helped set in motion his next drama film “Denial” This emotional independent film, written and directed by Yunus Shahul, portrays a wife's emotional betrayal by her husband, not by another woman but by his own twin brother. Yunus Shahul's latest film “Future Assassin” is a coming of age short comedy, takes place in the Midwest in the 1960's. It is a story of a young high school student, scorned by his first love, who attempts to take revenge on his ex-lover with the help of five zany strangers and time travel. He has worked on documentary feature film as a Director of Photography based on famous artist Edward Hoper, This movie going to be screened in Poland. Yunus Shahul worked on various Music videos and Commercial for corporates like Chase bank in New York. Yunus Shahul has received laurels form the Los Angeles Movie Awards as well as an award for best short film comedy from Artisan Festival international (World Cinema festival at Cannes, France), for this extraordinary short and got Award of Excellence winner, Best International Short film and Best Director award at International film festival for peace inspiration equality which was held at Jakarta, Indonesia on Sept 4th 2013. In Action on International film festival 2013 in Monrovia, California gave seven nominations to Future Assassin Including Best LGBT movie. Future Assassin and Unrequited Love have been nominated in 10th Big apple Film festival will be hosted at Tribeca Cinemas in November 2013. And got into an official selection at NewFilmakers New York festival 2013 as well. Yunus Shahul have completed is first feature film script based on true story about Chinese civilians immigrants to USA in 18th century story which narrates about gold rush in California and Pacific railroad system And he has completed a script in Tamil which falls behind Thriller and Action genre with few horror elements. To favor Indie filmmakers Yunus Shahul has started a Media company along with rental house with equipment like Alexa Studio pro, Red Epic, Master prime lenses, etc and post house facilities in Tribeca, New York. [gallery lightboxsize="full" num="12" pagenavi="5"]