Fox Star Studios and ARM Productions Presents their Next Venture Rangoon

The association of Fox star studios and ARM productions of Director Murugadoss can be termed as a golden association considering the track record of their association. The latest addition to this enlarging list is Rangoon, starring Gautham Karthik and Music by the musical sensation Anirudh. Gautham is visibly excited and his words reflect the enthusiasm too It is indeed a pride to be associated with a project of Fox star studios and ARM productions I am absolutely thrilled with the script of the Director Rajkumar Periasamy, and I am impressed with the persistent attitude of the director, which ill go a long way in deriving work from the team. This film attains bigger proposition with Anirudh on board Iam excited, longing to commence the shoot with The Director Rajkumar Periasamy an associate of Director Murugadoss himself and also a content writer of a popular television channel says This film is all about youth and in my opinion Gautham Karthik is just the typical face of todays youth, I am sure Gautham will enhance the energy of the film.