Following Vineeth His Brother also Reacts against Rajeev Rav’s Statement

Dyan Sreenivasan Comes forward criticizing Rajeev Ravi following his brother Vineeth. Cinematographer turned Director Rajeev Ravi has shocked the world by making controversial comments in an interview with a south publication. He criticized on Sreenivasan, Quentin Tarantino and Mani Ratnam. This has sparked out controversy. For the past few days this hot topic is discussed among the film world.

After this controversial statement, Sreenivasan’s elder son Young actor and director Vineeth Sreenivasan came forward criticizing Rajeev Ravi for his statement. It has not ended here. Now his younger Brother Dhyan Sreenivasan also came forward with a fitting reply. That too through social networking site facebook .

‘Every one has the right to express their opinion. But should be careful while giving their opinion about others. There will so many people who don’t like the films like Shyamala, Nayakan and Pulp Fiction. But these films are liked by the majority of the people. To call these directors a fraud who makes only money is not correct. Before you criticize these people you yourself has to check where you stand in the same industry . I am not Steve Lopez I am Dhyan Sreenivasan. I am not any one to say like this comment. But if any one comments about my father I cant tolerate that. This note is by a fan of Sreenivasan, Quentin Tarantino and Mani Ratnam.’

This is Dyan Sreenivasan’s Facebook Note.