First an Individual, then Women – Says Parvathy

Actress Parvathy is known with her screen names , more than her original name. She is known as Pooja of Notebook or otherwise the girl who cheats, Sister of Mukesh in Vinodayathra. Nowadays she is known as Sara of Bangalore days. When asked about this the actress told that she is very happy to be recognized with her screen names. Now she is one of the bold actresses of Malayalam Cinema. She spoke to the media several times about the man domination in the Malayalam film industry. Recently during an online interview, when asked about a question on kissing scenes, she asked back why like this questions are asked with heroines alone. Like this questions are never asked with Heroes.

When she was asked about doing a kissing scene on the screen, she replied that if the script and story demands then she does not have any problem in doing that on screen. She says that she has entirely different vision. She added that she is an individual first and thinks like that. It is only after that she sees herself as women. Parvathy told that like these questions are asked based on the gender discrimination.