Film Music Meri Jaan on the world of Reality Shows

Film “Music Meri Jaan” on the world of Reality Shows A film based on the wide world of music reality shows in India, is ready for release produced by Vaidehi Arts. A film that explores the reality of reality shows. A film that showcases the talent of 20 singers and dancers in the city of Mumbai selected from different cities of India these talented youngsters are hopeful of winning the show ‘Music MeriJaan’ produced for the top TV channel of India and take home 1 Crore prize money and loads of fame and name! During the course of their 3 months’ stay in Mumbai for the shoot of the show, the youngsters go through a variety of experiences, good, bad and ugly and are exposed to a whole lot of adjustments, uncertainties, jealousies, lobbying, pressure and a gamut of emotions! The contestants’ life during the shoot is controlled by none other than the show’s production manager played exemplarily by veteran actor Piyush Mishra who adds all the spice into their lives! The film directed by Tanuja Shankar Khan, was shot in Indore, and boasts of excellent setting, peppy and youthful music, hit dance numbers and spectacular performances by its lead actors who are none other than Piyush Mishra, Paintal,Anooradha Patel, Amarr Upadhyay, Usha Bachani, SupriyaRaina, Kanupriya and some very good fresh talents who are debuting in this film and who had been handpicked by a pan India casting audition! The melodious and dramatic music and background score of the film has been given by Atul Raninga, Anuj Garg, Vinayak Netke and Aslam Keyn, whereas the film’s cinematography has been done by veteran bollywood cinematographer Nadeem Khan. The film’s art design and set has been done byKunal Bhandula who is an expert in reality shows’ set designing. And the mainstay of the film, its dances have been choreographed by Swaroopraj Medara and Himanshu Gadani. Commenting on her debut venture, Tanuja Shankar Khan who has been in the field of media for last 19 years, says, “Music Meri Jaan attempts to take the viewers in a realm of ‘ reality shows’ through these twenty youngsters who represent the youth of today. In a day and age where nearly every Indian family has an aficionado of talent shows and reality shows, this film will take a peak in their minds and psyches and feel their emotions while they go through various emotions in their struggle to win, and wish to become famous through such shows. Little do these youngsters know that such name and fame are but transitory and ephemeral…like touch and go…but nevertheless enough for millions of Indian kids to appear for auditions over and over again. My film explores these emotions in manner that would be healthy entertainment and dramatic to say the least.” Having completed the film, Music Meri Jaan is ready to release its poster, trailors etc and hit the theaters by end of 2013. [gallery lightboxsize="full" num="12" pagenavi="5"]