Fahad is a Star Not only in Kerala But also Outside Kerala

Malayalam actor Fahad Fazil has entered the advertisement world of the country. The latest ad of Titan Featuring fahad fazil will be aired in states outside Kerala also. Nitya Menon is also together with him. The setting and the treatment of the advertisement is pan Indian and it looks like this add will aired outside Kerala also. This is the first time an add which has been acted by the celebrity from Kerala , has been aired all over India. Usually the particular language advertisement will have their state celebrities casting in the ad.

What ever it is our own Malayalam star has entered the glittery of the Indian advertisement world. This advertisement is produced by Prakash Varma. Fahad is appearing outside the state in the new advertisement of Titan . To give him company Nitya Menon is also there. Fahad and Nithya are on a picnic with friends and Fahad approaches Nithya and asks her whether she will marry him . she extends her hand. Fahad realizes that he does not have anything to give her and he takes out his Titan watch and ties it on her wrist. Later Fahad and Nithya get engaged .
The advertisement which got leaked on the internet earlier, has now officially out in full HD.