Fahad Fazil new thriller film; Camera Rajiv Ravi

The film Annayum Rasoolum is one of the best film of Fahad Fazil in which he has presented one of the best performance. The first film which has been directed by Rajiv Ravi has garnered appreciation. And now he is teaming up again with his lucky star Fahad Fazil. Now the only difference is that Rajiv Ravi is not putting his Director hat this time. In the fahad film Rajiv ravi will be rolling the camera. The film will be directed by the new comer Novin Vasudev. The story is by T Arun Kumar. The editing of the film is done by the famous Director Arun Kumar Aravind. The film is made different from all the fahad fazils previous films. The shoot of the film will be done on India – Nepal border and in Kochi.