‘Evide ‘ A Crime Thriller

The upcoming film Evide will have the specialty of Shayamaprasad’s first commercial film. The film which will be shot in America Completely, will have Prithivraj, Nivin Pauly, Bhava playing the important roles. The film which meets the international standard will be a crime thriller and the technicians and the side actors are from overseas.

The film which is set on the backdrop of American Cities will tell the story of serial killings. The plot of the story is a murder of a techie in the IT Sector In America.

The screenplay of the film is by Ajayan Venugopalan and it gives importance to the English dialogue. Along with Aju Wargheese, and Y.G Mahendra , actors from America will also be there in the film. The camera of the film is rolled by Eric Dickson.