‘English’ an above average Malayalam movie

English - Indiamovies Shyama Prasad’s ‘English’ is the story of four Malayali families settled in London. Joy is a shop-owner living in London with his family. He is always worried about his mother suffering from old age sickness and the future of his daughter. Another character is Saraswathy wedded to Dr: Ram and having two daughters. Saraswathy is nostalgic about her native place and wants to return back. Next is a Kathakali artist Sankaran working in a hotel. His only aim is to marry the daughter of the rich Sreedharan. Gauri, coming to London after her marriage and Sibin born and brought up in London are the remaining characters in the movie. Out of this, Sibin hates his birth place London. Mukesh in the role of Joy has presented an excellent performance. Joy is satisfied with the life in London. The way he looks after his old sick mother deserves special mention. This is typical of a Mid-Travancore malayali. At the same time he is very much worried about his teenaged daughter having an affair with a black boy. Sona Nair as Mukesh’s wife, has also performed well. Nadia Moidu, as the mother of two teenaged girls will definitely find a place in the hearts of the viewers. A Tamil Brahmin lady Saraswathy, even after 20 years of stay in London still wants to return to her birth place. Murali Menon, Sona Nair, Nivin Pauli, Ramya Nambeesan and Jaya Surya did justice to their respective roles. They have presented the mannerisms of the respective characters well. Shyama Prasad’s direction is commendable. Cinematography of Udayan Ambady is very impressive. The background music by Rexy Vijayan has succeeded in giving the movie a special mood. In spite certain drawbacks, the movie, as a whole does not bore the viewers. Still, Shyma Prasad has done fairly well, this time too.