E.M.S-um Pennkuttiyum

The plot of the movie is woven around the burning issue of migration around the world; an issue or a process that might have been as old as the history of human evolution itself. The biggest chain of migration that our state of Kerala witnessed is to the Persian Gulf countries, USA and Europe. The heroes and all characters of this movie are migrants to the USA; while Jos and Sini (Srinivasan & Kaniha) are Travancore Christian migrants, Selvan (Narein) and Amala are political refugees from Srilanka. Whether it is political or for a livelihood, E M S-um pennkuttiyum suggests that migration is most importantly a human condition that goes beyond ideologies, cast or creed. Other main artists of the film are Innocent, Geetha,Thampi Antony and Karunas and Saravanan from Tamil. The major portion of the film is to be shot in the USA. Known for his dedicated efforts to assist the hapless migrants all around the world through his well acclaimed TV programme Pravasalokam which has been broadcasting through a leading Television Channel for the past 11 years, Rafeek Ravuther has found the theme for his debut film from the issues of the migrants itself. The story of the film E.M.S-um Pennkuttiyum is adapted from Benyamin’s published short story with the same title. The screenplay and dialogue is done by A J Muhammed Shafeer. While Ilayaraja compose songs and the background score, Vairamuthu and Rafeeq Ahmed are the lyricists. Noted Cinematographer Jayanan Vincent will visualise the movie in USA and Indian portions camera man is Suresh Rajan. The film is produced by Santhosh Ottappalli, for Chris Cinemas.