Dulqur Salman says that he is trying to follow his father

Mammooty the actor has a clean image whether it is personal life or professional life. He has been admired by so many people. This fact has been accepted by many inside the film industry itself. Audience also knows about this. The young generation actors like Nivin Paully, Unni Mukundan is the die hard fans of mammooty. They all respect and considers him as idol. All of them knows mammoootty only after his entry to films. But this superstar has one more admirer who lives in his own house. He is this megastars’ son, the youth icon and the actor dulqur Salman. He says that he tries to follow his father in so many things. Whether it is reel life or real life, he is trying to follow him. Dulqur says that his father is very sincere and committed towards his personal and professional life. His father always gives hundred percent to anything he takes over whether it is in personal or professional. He take things seriously and gives his best. He does not like to leave anything halfway. Dulqur says that It is this habit of his father he is trying to follow. He further added that he does. Not know whether he will be able to do it successfully like his father but definitely giving a try