Dulqur in ‘Style Ka Baap’

Recently it was reported in the internet websites that Amal Neerad is all gearing up for his next film starring Mammootty in the lead and the film is titled as ‘Syle Ka Baap’.

The news was going rounds for quite sometime. But now the director Amal Neerad says that he does not know about this project.

The director now declared that his upcoming next new project which has not yet given the name, will have Dulqur Salman playing the lead role. The project with Mammootty would be planned only after completing the Dulqur film. Actually Nothing has been finalized about the Mammooty film and the name ‘Style Ka Baap’ is the creation of the fans. He also added that he has not decided anything further about the film. Amal Neerad told that he usually do one film in a year and may be sometimes it can also happen to be one film in two years.