Don’t Want Any Single Penny from Dileep, – Manju Warrier comes with a Strong Decision

Kochi – Malayalam’s favorite actress Manju Warrier is Again in the news with her strong decisions. Not only in Films Manju is becoming a Strong women in real life also.

The Divorce settlement case of Dileep and Manju is in the court for consideration and it has reached the last stage. Now as she is going through the divorce procedures , has decided to return the properties worth around Rs 80 crores which are now on joint ownership. She has instructed her lawyer to proceed with this as she does not need a single paise from it.

Her comeback film ‘How Old are you where she portrays a daring Nirupama Rajiv, a married woman in her mid-thirties who has been left alone by her teenage daughter and her husband who went to Overseas . She later transforms herself by etching success through terrace farming.

The film conveys the message on how the impossible can be turned possible by bringing the society together. Considering the films social message the government also decided to give tax exemption to the film. Adopting this in real life also she decided to come forward in life without accepting any help from her ex husband.