Don’t Hurt Jishnu.

Actor Jishnu Says that the news getting spread about him in the social networking sites that he is stricken with cancer and is having treatment is not true. . He himself has clarified about this on his Facebook page that the news which is getting spread on the social media is all baseless. The picture which is posted along with the news is an old one taken after his first surgery . the picture has been taken by some mischief hospital staff. It is really painful to see that some has pasted the horrible picture to create unnecessary confusion among the people.
He also said that he is still under treatment but will be back to work soon. He clarified this on his Facebook post.

Some online media has reported that Jishnu is hospitalized in Kims Hospital and was reported to be in ventilator due tho his critical health.

Following this this news also got spread through social media. So Jishnu himself came forward to clear the misunderstanding.

Jishnu’s friends from the film industry also came forward reacting strongly against spreading the wrong information on the networking sites. They clarified that the actor is in good health.

They also revealed that as soon Jishnu gets cured , he will get active in films. Director Rajesh Nair said that Jishnu will be acting in his net film. Rajesh Nair is the director of film Escape From Uganda.