Don’t compare me with Sunny Leone says Poonam Pande

Poonam-Pandey Indiamovies Controversial Poonam Pande is the star in Bollywood. "Nasha" is just enough to measure her talent. While the controversy made by its posters continue, it started comparing her with Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone the Indo -Canadian Porn artist was recently in news because of the hot movies she did in bollywood. Poonam asks that she should not be compared with Sunny Leone and she is not a porn star."Nasha" is a love story. It has some closely interacting scenes. But she likes to act. Poonam got to the news by giving the promise to appear nude before public if India wins the 2011 World cup cricket. It did not happen but Nasha may change the fate -expects Poonam Fans.