Divorce can be served through Facebook also – Says the court

New york : Thee divorce cases are getting increased day to day, In this era where the husband and wife literally does not have time to meet each other, the Manhattan Judge has given approval for serving the divorce notice through Facebook. Ellonora Baido 26 year old has got approval from the Manhattan court justice to serve her husband with divorce papers via a Facebook message. This permission is granted as she could not meet her elusive husband in person and ask for the divorce. Hence she requested before the court to allow her to send the divorce papers to her elusive husband via Facebook. She had filed her application before the court on March 27th and hence the justice Mathew Cooper had given verdict based on the petition. She has pointed out in the petition that she tried to contact her husband so many times to ask for divorce but could not succeed in meeting him. This type of judgement is not new. Last year the court has given approval to send the required legal documents via Facebook to receive required money to protect the children. The court documents show that this is a normal thing happening in countries outside America. Facebook authorities hesitated to give more information about this. PP Cheriyan feels that it is not good to promote the divorce cases which give lot of damage to the society. Instead we have to remove this type of social disasters