Director Vinayan says that Dileep is the master of Conspiracy and Cunningness.

Director Vinayan has come with criticism for the open letter to Mahabali posted on the facebook by actor Dileep. The actor has written comparing his state as same as that of King Mahabali. In the post he said that the some people in the film industry is trying to pull him down like mahabali. The director criticized that the comparison made by the actor himself to King Mahabali appears to be a joke.

The director has made his criticism on the note he had posted on Facebook Wishing Onam to the viewers. He said that the comparison of the actor himself to the king Mahabali is amusing and looks funny. He says that such thoughts effect someone when they feel something is wrong with their own actions. One cannot conquer the film industry by achieving the star value. For that you require not only strategies, but also require cunningness. Dileep himself is the master of that . So crying like this in front of everyone that he has been pulled down by others is like giving up his dignity and degrading himself in front of everyone.

People speak like this when they have some inferiority complex. When we take some decisions and the conscious mind feels insecure about his own action, then we feel that everyone is plotting against us.

Director also points out that it is not easy for anyone to pull down a person who you have conquered everything and you have luck, wealth and happiness. He should understand that a Person like him cannot be pulled down by anyone as he earned heap of money and success beyond his dream. This feeling is baseless. Instead of complaining like this, you should have the guts and boldness to stick to your decision it and go forward boldly.

On the other hand when you a take a decision based on your happiness, you also have to stick to it without any fear and try to go forward boldly. The director said that he is the person who worked with the actor in so many films this person has worked with him in so many films in earlier days and has stood with him in his difficult times. As an elder brother he is happy for his success.

He quoted like this ‘ when I was sitting on the top of association certain decisions had to be taken for the sake of him. Instead of taking my advise he had tired his best to corner me and acted intelligently to make me alone in the industry. From that time onwards I always look him with respect for his skills for planning conspiracy towards others. So My dear friend no one pull you out from this. Don’t be scared about this. Please be bold and stick to your decisions. Otherwise regret it. But don’t cry like this in front of others . This is like losing your dignity’.

If you think of some decisions taken by you are wrong, then apologize and correct your mistake. If you cannot do that then be bold enough to stick to your decision and go forward with the decisions boldly. If you are not ready to do that then you should not put the blame on others in order to get sentiments from others. Instead of handling the situation boldly the person is trying to put the blame on others and compares himself to the great king mahabali looks funny. In the post he also added that , he was forced to react like this as all the media has published the letter of dileep as a big important news.