Dileep says that He has been pulled down by some Vamana’s of Cinema.

Kochi : Actor Dileep says that some Vamanas of the film industry is trying to push him down like Mahabali. The actor made this strong statement in an open letter to King Mahabali on His Face book Page.
In the post he says those who are jealous of the success of his films and life is trying to push him down. He also says that whoever spread false rumors about him should think that he also has a little daughter.

The actor starts his open letter by comparing his life with the King Mahabali. He says that both has lot of similarities in life. When the people made Mahabali the emperor, Similarly the common man of Kerala made him a popular actor. Peoples love and blessing made him a popular actor and helped him to be a part of their life. People who were jealous of Mahabali’s rule sent Vamana to crush the king down. Similarly people who are jealous of his success of his films and life are trying to push him down more frequently especially, during the release of the films.

They are trying to spread some false rumors against him. He said that Audience knows the truth behind all the false allegations raised against him. He says that when the people are trying to spread fake news against him, his daughter Meenakshi is also being pushed to all the controversies surrounding him. This is disturbing him a lot. His request to the persons who spread controversies is that they should consider that he has a little daughter who is getting affected with all these controversies and he also requested them to make sure that his daughter is not getting dragged into the hassle. This request is not from an actor, but from a father. He concludes his post by wishing all of them best wishes especially the ones who tries to push him down and the people who supports them.