Did Not Get Justice From The Media : Edavela Babu

The media produced breaking news by reporting that the ladies those
who were caught at the Karipoor airport while trying to smuggle Gold, have connection with the women trafficking mafia in Kochi. The media reported that these mafia usually get together at Kundannur in a luxury flat and plan their strategy. Along with this the media
published one more shocking news, that one of the common visitors here is an actor and he is the main organizer of the AMMA organization. To prove this the channels aired conversation with the security guard of the flat. A scrolling news was shown on some channels that this actor might have connections with the gold smuggling as well. But, there was a person who was shocked from top to bottom by seeing all these. It was none other than Edavela Babu, secretary of AMMA. Almost all the media people are close to Babu and they all know him well. But, when a news broke out in his name, none of these channels showed any courtesy to contact him and inquire about the fact. At last the DRI officials questioned Edavela Babu based on the media news and found that Babu is not at all involved with any of these scam and the news is false. Who ever errs, whether it be a higher official, a journalist has all the right to question him and bring out facts to the public. But, that should be justified. That is what is expected of genuine journalism. Any how, the media refused all justice to Edavela Babu.