Did Anushka Kiss Kohli While Bidding Bye ?

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli relationship is the latest talk in Bollywood. Anushka and Virat first met one another during shampoo commercial together and they instantly hit it off. They bonded very well during the ad shoot and apparently dropped Anushka at her home right after the shoot.

Now with the recent buzz their relationship has getting confirmed. Indian cricket team left for South Africa tour on Monday. Virat Kohli visited Anushka on Sunday night before he left for South Africa.

On Sunday around 10:45 pm, the cricketer was apparently spotted coming out of Anushka’s residence. both, the cricketer and the actress stepped out of the lift on the second floor parking area of the building. Both were casually dressed and the actress gave him a quick kiss before he left in the car.

They are very happy together and both look extremely comfortable in each other’s company . The report says that they enjoy their relationship. There is also a report that whenever Virat visits Mumbai he used to Meet Anushka