Dhrishyam upto the standards of Titanic!!

The movie Dhrishyam has turned out to be a great hit and one of the movies that can be cherished and listed among the best of malayalam movies. This movie by Jeethu Joseph in which Mohanlal and Meena acted is still in theatres, housefull. The remake of the movie to other languages have also begun. The movie was produced with 4.5 crores and has collected by now about 51 crores. This is a huge success as per malayalam cinema is concerned. The gross collection was highest for this movie. The movie has been in demand in various theatres for 100 days. In UAE, along with the record of playing the movie for 100 days , another record too was bagged. This movie became the second movie in the UAE history to be showed for 100 days. The only movie presented for so long was the hollywood wonder, ‘Titanic’. Dhrishyam from our Kerala also has reached with the standards of Titanic and this proves to be a personal pride of each malayali.