Deepika Padukone to play Saina Nehwal onscreen?

While there have been reports that a biopic on Saina Nehwal is in the pipeline by none other than veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, Saina is keen to have Deepika Padukone roped in for the same.

At an event that the Olympic Bronze winner attended earlier this week in the city, she said, “I think only Deepika Padukone can do justice to my onscreen image. Firstly, people should be able to connect with the character and given Deepika’s popularity, she would be perfect for the role.”

Apart from being one of the top actresses in the industry, Saina feels that Deepika is the only actor who can pull off a badminton player’s role well. “She knows badminton quite well. Apart from the strokes and bends, she is aware of all the actions in the game. And since it will be a film based on a sportsperson’s life, it wouldn’t be right to go with flaws in strokes and patterns. I have seen her play, and she is really good at it,” Saina added.
Speaking on the confirmation of the film being made, Saina said, “There have been media reports about the film and only Mahesh sir can take the final call on it. But Deepika would be the best choice for it,” she gushed. When we followed it up with Mahesh Bhatt, he confirmed saying, “There is a very honest intention to contract a meaningful document which captures the essence and resilience of Saina’s life. However, the project is in its nascent stage now. It has to be given a green light and be commissioned. Once it is done, I am sure it will come out very well.”

While Saina is keen on her biopic, she feels she isn’t ready to face the camera as yet. “I want people to know me for the sport and my game, and for nothing else. Also, it’s very important to remain focussed as once you lose focus you can’t perform w