David and Goliath Movie Release Delayed

The Malayalam Film David and Goliath ran into rough the District Sessions Court, Thiruvananthapuram restrained the film’s director Mr. T. Rajeev Nath from submitting it before the Censor Board for approval.

The film’s producers, Mr. Arun M.C. of Line of Colors and Mr. Sudeep Karat of Saroza marketing solutions Pvt Ltd, had moved the court seeking an injuction after they had parted ways with the director. The interim injunction will stand till January 9, 2013.

The producers had submitted before the court that the director was trying to take all credit for hte film during its promotions. They aslo alleged that Mr. Nath had claimed in the application submitted for the censor certificate that he was the produer of the film. The petitioners alleged that such an act was in violation to the agreement entered between the producerts and Mr. Nath.

The movie scripted by Anup Menon, features Jayasurya and Anup Menon.