D – Day

D-Day - Indiamovies D-Day the film by Nikhil Advani Starts on a promising note with four RAW under cover agents go abroad to capture india’s most wanted terrorist , the wanted man of india played by Rishi Kapoor. When the mission fails, all the agents are left to fend for themselves and thrive under challenging circumstances. What shows is a cat and mouse game between the agents and Pakistan. The film is completely fictional, but it stays rooted in the geopolitical reality of the subcontinent, allowing itself only on the occasional shot at dramatic license in order to buoy up the narrative. From a moment of crescendo into that high octane action scene, the movie goes into a flashback t establish the four characters and operation goldman narrated by Irfan Khan ( Wali) The D Day is a surprising package from a director known so far largely for harmless, fail-safe stories with big stars. As a crime drama, it works perfectly well with high quality acting of Rishi Kapoor, irfan and Huma Qureshi. But the love story between an Indian sp and Pakistani Prostitute is rather half baked and pushes the film into an avoidable sub plot. The villain of the film is a fugitive from Indian law and has the active support of the intelligence establishment across the border. The film music is composed by Shankar Eshan Loy In spite of the movie blessed with a trusted star cast, reputed director / good music and an interesting subject the show some how failed to make an impact on you. Owing to its ineffective treatment, it fails to leave the impression upon you.