Cosuins Malayalam Movie Review

Cousins, A celebration all the way. “Cousins” Hit the screens today after much waiting by the Mollywood film lovers.“Cousins”was surely the much anticipatedfilm of 2014 right from the start of its filming. The film can boast of a star studded cast list which includes Kunchakoboban, IndrajithSukumaaran, new comedy sensation Joju, and National award winning actorSurajvenjarammood. It also includes Vedika, Nishaagarwal,Miya and actors such as Kalabhavanshajon and Pradeeprawat. South Indian actress Kamalini Mukharjee also a part of this film through an item dance. And about the film in one sentence, A great fun filled festival celebration which is racy from very beginning and will worth each penny of yours in this Christmas festival season and vaction time.”. Vysakh, the director is back with an ultimate entertainer after the failure of his last outing Vishudhan and Vysakh had amazed the viewers by creating a fabulous atmosphere to tell the story. The visual magic he created through the songs was astonishing and we rarely see such extravagant visuals in a Mollywood film. The film tells the story of the efforts of four cousin brothers to bring back the lost memories of one among them called Sam. They had to undertake a journey and on the way they reaches a place where the key to sam’s memories can be found. They stays there to uncover the mysteries behind sam’s memory loss and also about his lost love. If we say about the performances, Each cousins give their best and it seems there was a competition among them to make it more and more better. Chackochan was perfect as sam who lost his memory and indrajith as joji was brilliant with his screen presence and funny dialogue delivery. Joju as tony and suraj as paulywas hilarious and they are the ones that made the audience laugh their heart out with funny expressions and crisp one liners. The actresses does not have much to do apart from dancing and all of them done a neat job in that case..Sethu’s script was just average as it sometimes become too predictable and in the second half there were so many unwanted scenes just to create some laughter. But it was not success as most of those scenes does not created that intended impact on the audience.Music by M.jayachandran was not upto the mark and it was only made for some racy dance steps. Shaji’s cinematography was very good. And He really captured the beauty Of banglore palace, athirappilly,Vagamanetc and his visuals really took the audience into the world of “Cousins”. Joseph nellikkal’s art direction is the highlight of the film and he had done a terrific job to create that background full of colors and richness. This Big budget venture is produced Byvysakhrajan. On the whole we can say that Cousins Is a decent entertainer which will not disappoint you and its more like a celebration inside the theater for Two and a half hours.